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We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program…To Accept the One Lovely Blog & Inspiring Blogger Award

Hello my lovelies! Today is Thursday, (sorry to remind if you don’t need it, but lately I never know what day it is) and I usually feature my recipe of the week here, but…it’s a special occasion!

The absolutely lovely and awesome Christina from Small Kitchen Chronicles has nominated yours truly and Like This, Try That, for the One Lovely Blog & Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I am a bit of a newbie in the food blog world and am very grateful to have made some truly lovely connections here in the land of all things delicious.

When I decided to start a food blog it seemed like a natural progression, as it married two of my great passions in life: food and writing. I have a lifelong love of food and cooking (I started cooking with my family when I was four!) and I am a writer by trade (my penchant for writing also began early in childhood). When I became a mom a little over a year ago, my love for food only grew. I wanted to create more and share more.

My love of writing also grew. Sometimes I have a lovely daydream of my son reading my blog and other musings when he is older and finding for himself a piece of me that he never saw before. Maybe it will allow him to catch a glimpse of me, my love for him, as well as my love for food and family, in a way that nothing else could.

So let’s start celebrating, shall we? (I am giving you a glass of virtual wine right now. Please have a real one if the mood strikes you).

The rules for accepting this award are as follows:
~Link back to the person who nominated you~
~ Nominate 15 blogs for the One lovely blog and very inspiring blogger award~
~ Share 7 facts about yourself~

Let me begin by sharing the love. Because food is all about sharing. All of these blogs, in no particular order, inspire me in different ways, to cook, create, and share. Enjoy!

Milas Deli This blog features some of the most beautiful food photography I think I have ever seen. The images and the food are just incredible. It really gives you such a feeling of a hands-on food experience as you read it. Speaking of reading it, it is in German.  Here comes a cool tip for translation that my husband told me  (maybe I’m the last person on the internet to learn this, but if not, this may be useful for you). To translate a blog from one language to another, go to Google translate, copy and paste the URL of the site into the translate box, select your languages,  and it will generate a link for you. Go to this link and Viola’! The whole site in your native language. Check this blog out, I think you will definitely be inspired.

The eaten path This blog is pure fun and adventure, just check out their tag line: The Eaten Path delivers the story of a meal. Sometimes it is about the meal. Sometimes it is about the journey to get to the meal.” Awesome.

Seven spoons Drool, Drool, Drool. That’s really all I can day here. I get so hungry when I read this site. Aside from drool-worthy recipes, the food photography is just out-of-site. Dy-no-mite.

Acorn in My kitchen Why do I love this site? Because it’s not only about food, it’s about the things that happen while you are making and creating food. This blog’s great feature is that it lets readers know what the chef is listening to as he cooks and dines. Kind of fabulous.

Karen le Billion Karen Le Billion’s blog kind of hits three nails on the head for me: France, food, and raising children to be lil’ healthy, happy foodies. I am in love with all of these things. If you have not already, please do have a read.

Palate/Palette/Plate This blog is an artist in her kitchen. Such a cool concept. Great photography. Great recipes. ’nuff said.

Eat the Love This blog has a lot of draw for the sweet tooth…which might seem strange for me to feature as a self-confessed girl of the savory. But, I simply adore Irvin Lin’s writing style and the way he talks about the sweet vs. savory  face-off between cooks.

Feasting at Home This blog is a a beauty. It’s all about what this blogger, a caterer, cooks at home. Great pics, great food.

The Curvy Carrot Honestly, the name drew me in with this blog, and the food keeps me coming back. This blog is a pleasure.

Sprouted Kitchen This is a whole foods blog that really delivers on flavor and also delivers in the looks department. Really beautiful food photography here.

La Tartine Gourmand Bea is a food writer, stylist, and photographer based in Boston. She was born and raised in the French countryside, the land of my some-day retirement (see Francophile reference in my 7 things about me below…). This blog is, put simply from the author, Stories about Food and Life. 

Essential Pepin Ok. This one is maybe a stretch for some, but I’m including for one reason…I am COMPLETELY obsessed with Jaques Pepin. Like, completely. I play his cooking shows on my computer in my kitchen all day long. Just watch one and I dare you to resist running into the kitchen and start sauteing  something in wine.

Will cook for friends The title of this blog really says it all. Because that’s what it’s all about folks, at the end of the day. Cooking is all about showing the people you care about how much you care by giving them delicious morsels to put into their mouths and then watching them slip gloriously into a food coma…after they clean up the dishes, of course.

Chocolate and Zucchini Back in the land of France lives this very cool blog, Chocolate and Zucchini. This blog is packed tight with great info on all things food related, great recipes, and best of all, it’s French. The blog’s name is a clever nod to both the sweet and the savory.

And last but not least..
What Katie Ate This site is a joy to look at and always gives a nudge to create something inspiring.

Whoooo! I’m tired now. But wait! I still have to reveal 7 things about myself. Ok. Here we go. Don’t be scared…

1. I am a complete Francophile. The food, the culture, the attitude, the joie de vivre. Bring it. And when you do bring it, please bring extra cheese and extra wine, Merci!

2.I am a total book nerd. Note my Goodreads bookshelf on my blog sidebar.I was an English major in college and I have had a love of books since toddler-hood. I am obsessed with the classics and continue to make my way through the canon. I love the smell of books.I do not give my books away. I hoard them in my library and they surround me like a big, literary hug.

3. My favorite food on the planet is a perfect cheeseburger. It has to be classic here. Cheese, perfectly melted atop a perfectly moist, grilled burger, topped with only the basics. Always lettuce, raw onion, mustard and ketchup. Sometimes tomato and bacon. Fin.

4. I am obsessed with cheese. I love trying new cheeses and if a restaurant has a cheese plate, you will most always find me with my face buried in it. My husband and I once took a trip to upstate New york on on a wine tour. We found a small deli/cafe there where you could buy these fabulous cheeses. For about $20 we scored four artisan cheeses, a whole baguette, and some sliced pears and apples packed in a to-go container. To this day I swear we should have moved into that deli.

5. I will always choose savory over sweet. I am the person who eats the salt from the bottom of the pretzel bag.

6. I love me some Stevie nicks. Big Time.  No more needs to be said about this and her awesomeness. Ms. Nicks = the soundtrack of my days (you know you’re hummin’ some sweet, sweet, Stevie nicks now).

7. I love a good movie. I adore films by Pedro Almodovar, Hitchcock, Woody Allen (pre 2000’s please, before things got even weirder and he started making bad remakes of his own films…), and Wes Anderson. I love film Noir, and will watch absolutely any hilarious comedy. Because if you can’t laugh, then what’s the point, really.

Well, that’s it folks. That was fun! I hope you check out some of these fellow food blogs and get some great inspiration. I also hope you got at least one chuckle from the personal reveal stage of this post.

I’ll see you guys on Monday for Monday Coffee Break, and next Thursday I’ll be posting a yummy recipe…I’ve got a few lined up…what will it be?!



10 thoughts on “We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program…To Accept the One Lovely Blog & Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Happy Thursday, Rebekah!

    I so enjoyed this post =)

    I think we may just BE food soul sisters separated at birth — I share #2, 4, 5 and 7 with you and was either exclaiming, “yup!” and or “exactly!” as I went down your list =) I too love the smell of books (Kindle, you will not beat me!), do not give my books away, and when I moved cross-country to LA at the time, instead of shipping them UPS like a normal person, I loaded them all in the back of my VW hatchback. Wouldn’t say the smartest choice =)

    And I also share your love of pre-2000 Woody Allen films. I went through a phase there where I watched Woody films pretty much every other day. Fast forward a decade or so later, being on the West Coast now, every time I see one of his movies I get so East Coast sentimental. Oh, East Coast, I miss you so! His humor is just so smart, you know? What’s your favorite?

    Thanks for the awesome blog love list also, lady — I really loved and appreciated your description of each one and it is so great to nominate other bloggers because it helps everyone get to know each other and spread the deserved goodness and love! Can’t wait to check ’em out =)

    Look forward to your next post on Monday! ‘Til then, have a wonderful Thursday (and thanks also for the shout out — likewise, truly!)!


    1. Thank you, Christina! I don’t think I can pick a favorite Woody film, but most watched are…Husbands and Wives, Deconstructing Harry, Manhattan, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Annie Hall, and Manhattan Murder Mystery. I have watched these all too many times to count!
      See you Monday!

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