Like This, Try That Gets a New Name: Introducing… The Salty Table!

Good evening all! Let me start by saying a few things:

 I have changed the name of Like This, Try That to The Salty Table

Sorry for the Confusion/Trail of breadcrumbs you may have had to follow to get here tonight

And finally…

Everything’s the Same, only the name has changed! Phew.

Now let’s listen to a little story…

When I started Like This, Try That about a year or so ago, it was a bit of a different animal…more of a general lifestyle and home blog. Then I realized what I really wanted to write about was food. Just food. And things that have to do with food. Making it, eating it, sharing it, you get the picture.

The title fit back then, but I always felt it didn’t quite fit for my food blog. Another big reason for the change was accessibility. It was a long name that I myself often mistyped and quite a few of my regular readers have told me that whenever they typed in Like This, Try That they would inevitably miss a letter and end up somewhere else. Sometimes it was somewhere weird…


And so folks, Like This, Try That, has got a spiffy new  name. Why The Salty Table? There are multiple reasons. One, I love  salt. Like a deer. Like I would install a salt lick in my kitchen if it wasn’t totally a bad idea.


Two, I always like to add a dash of ‘saltiness’, to, well, everything I can. Because if you can’t laugh, what can you do? I say not much.

So let’s laugh it up , and while we’re at it, let’s make, eat, and share some really great food.

Thanks to everyone who sticks it out with me as I attempt to change every nook and cranny of my social media and photo credits to the new name, pack a house, “do Christmas”, and make the big move into our new home with a 17 month old. Things might get  a little crazy over here, but hey,  that’s when things really get fun.

You guys are the best!  See you Monday for Coffee Break!

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5 thoughts on “Like This, Try That Gets a New Name: Introducing… The Salty Table!

  1. Ooh, I love it, Rebekah! And, girl, I SO relate with you on the salt lick, lol.

    Congrats on the new name and new look! I love the header image and post header fonts (am I showing my WordPress’ness? Yup, I think it’s starting to show) — nice and clean and perfect for the new look, actually.

    Much success, Rebekah, I’m excited for you!


    1. Thanks Christina!

      I had to clean those fonts up, my husband is a graphic designer and he gets, well, a bit “twitchy” when things are hard to read, lol.

      I knew the old ones were wrong, but sometimes I get carried away with swirly fonts!!!

      Thanks again for your support as I grow my little blog with love, it means a lot!

      Have a great weekend,

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