Welcome to The Salty Table!


I’m Rebekah- Mom, writer, herbalist, lover of books, butter, coffee, and cocktails.

After a (kind of long) pause I’m back to sharing great recipes here at the Salty Table! My cooking philosophy is to use the best real food ingredients to create simple but delicious meals that the whole family will enjoy. Since 2014 I’ve been on a mission to eliminate all highly processed foods from my kitchen.

Most of my archived recipes are already real-food based, but you will find a canned soup or seasoning here and there. These will be missing from the new recipes I share. I’ll also be bringing back everyone’s favorite series, Monday Coffee Break, a super fun best of for foodies.

NEWS! I’ve recently gone gluten and (almost…) dairy free, I know, shocker. Health issues that could no longer be denied forced my hand on this one. So i figured I could sulk in the corner of my kitchen, clutching a block of parmesan and a loaf of bread or I could get busy hunting down and creating yummy gluten and dairy free meals. I chose the later…after a day or two of the corner sulking. All of my recipes (Fall 2016 forward)  are now gluten-free and either dairy-free or low-dairy! (I tag everything as such so they are easy to find)


Don’t worry, everything is still super tasty, take it from this guy (My youngest is a real Naomi Shropshire with his unquenchable desire for stolen food)


Contact me: Griffin.RebekahL (at) gmail (dot) com


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings from Australia Rebekah
    I love your passion for food and enthusiasm in wanting to share your experiences with others. Take great care and all the best on your journey with wonderful recipes.
    God bless

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