Welcome to The Salty Table!


I’m Rebekah- Mom, writer, herbalist, lover of books, butter, coffee, and cocktails. When I’m not writing or wrangling little people, I spend at least 75% of my day in the kitchen cooking for my people-and I love it. I also love the days I spend not cooking, but instead spend finding and eating food other people cook well in cool places.

All of the food I cook is unprocessed and gluten-free. (Some of my archived recipes from the beginning of this blog will have the errand canned soup as an ingredient, but all new recipes from 2016 on, are clean and gluten-free.)

Side note about being gluten-free: I still cry every once in a while about pizza. While I have found a few good gluten-free crusts, there’s just nothing like the real thing (If you know of a gluten-free crust that can trick me into believing I’m eating real pizza PLEASE let me know. TIA)


(My youngest is a real Naomi Shropshire with his unquenchable desire for stolen food. I guess being a little naught makes everything taste better)


Contact me: Griffin.RebekahL (at) gmail (dot) com


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings from Australia Rebekah
    I love your passion for food and enthusiasm in wanting to share your experiences with others. Take great care and all the best on your journey with wonderful recipes.
    God bless

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