Weekly & Special Occasion Menus

Welcome to the Menu page at The Salty Table. Here you can find weekly menus as well as special occasion menus. Underneath each menu I’ll post some tips for using leftovers and making ingredients do double duty. Most of the menu items you can find on my site. If I don’t have my version in a blog post yet, I’ll list a link to the recipe that I used for the dish.

I hope these menus help you have one less thing to think about on those busy weeks, I.e, every week.

For this menu:
~You can find all of these recipes in my posts, except for the marinara (my version is coming soon! I can’t post an alternate version because my Neapolitan Grandmother will come out her grave and hit me.) You can find a very basic marinara recipe along with the pizza recipe in my post, Friday Nights In.

~use the leftover marinara from Thursday for the pizza on Friday. Use the leftover Pot Roast meat from Sunday for the pot roast tacos on Tuesday.

~To quickly find the recipes, go to my home page and enter the names into the search area.

Bon Appetit!


To quickly find these recipes, enter the name into the search box on my home page (A few are my recipes, and a few are recipes that I have featured on Monday Coffee Breaks.) The desserts for our Holiday meals are always made by my mother or grandmother, so the recipes are not listed here. But, if you leave me a message I will happily share their recipes with you!

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Cooking!


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